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Types of polyethylene we manufacture

  1. A liner grade, higher clarity film.
  2. A slightly cloudy fractional melt film with good strength characteristics.
  3. “Tuff-Stuff” polyethylene, a special blend of specialty resins, an extremely strong film.
  4. High density film.
  5. In addition to polyethylene, we have made rubber products such a exercise bands, rubber sheeting, and rubber tubing.
  6. Stretch



  1. Layflat tubing from 1″ to 32″ width with our specialty being 1″ to 15″.
  2. Thickness ranges from 1 to 20 mil.
  3. Any color including red, yellow, orange, green, black pink, grey (in tint and opaque)
  4. Gusset tubing up to 44”
  5. Single or double-wound sheeting up to 30″ layflat width. Centerfold sheeting, J-sheeting and C-sheeting available
  6. Individual bottom seal polyethylene bags, sleeves, and bands from 1″ to 28″ widths and 0.5″ to 54″ length.
  7. Individual bottom sealed gusset bags.
  8. Blast Hole Liners with standard clear resin or our special blend called “Tuff-Stuff” for extreme strength.  Blast Hole Liners come on a paper core with pocket enabling easy lowering into the hole.  These are individually custom made to any length you request.
  9. Corona treatment also available.



  1. Narrow width tubing
  2. Narrow width bottom seal bags
  3. Banding only 0.5″ in length
  4. Low minimum buys
  5. Short lead times
  6. Custom made tubing, bottom sealed bags, sheeting, and sheets
  7. Blast Hole Liners with pocket
  8. Extremely strong “Tuff-Stuff” industrial film


Tolerance Specifications

  1. ±1/8″ on the layflat
  2. ±10% on the mil

Film Construction

Single Wound Sheeting
Double Wound Sheeting
Layflat Tubing
Gusseted Tubing
Centerfold A
Centerfold B
Center-Slit Sheeting
Double Fold Sheeting